Miracle: Spirits at Play

            What do you consider a miracle?  What makes you feel awestruck?  Have you ever felt like a loved one was nearby after they had passed on?

            Since my son died over three years ago, I often sense him communicating with me, experiencing a level of serendipity I can only attribute to a thinning of the veil that separates this physical realm from the spiritual one.  Over the years, I have found so many coins, my pennies from heaven, that I’ve realize it belies chance.  Since summer, I found a one-dollar bill literally hanging in a tree and a twenty-dollar bill scrunched up on a sidewalk near my office.  There have been a plethora of other finds that you could read about on other pages.

            A couple months ago, I bought the new iPhone X, a huge mistake since the prices dropped dramatically soon after.  Those of you have purchased this phone know that it comes with a charger cable and ear phones, but not with the needed adaptor which would enable you to plug those ear phones into the phone!  That same adaptor cable enables me to attach my square reader.  I hadn’t even realized I needed such a thing as I began to use my iPhone.  I went out for a walk one day and found a funny white gadget on the ground.  I didn’t realize it was the exact adaptor I was going to need, but I picked it up because it looked like Apple to me!  You might say it was a coincidence, but quite frankly, I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.  I know it was a gift from my son. 

            Then, a week or so ago, it disappeared!  Damn it, Shawheen, give it back already!  He likes to make things disappear to mess with me.  He thinks it’s funny.  He laughs at me a lot, let me tell you!  Thankfully, he doesn’t laugh at me when I’m crying.  He’s actually quite compassionate.  But, when I get angry at him for dematerializing things, he laughs.  So, I hope if I share this story, he’ll give me back the adaptor, and I won’t have to buy one.  You might think I just lost it, but I remember clearly.  I lent it to my son, but I got it back from him and put it “away”.  There have only been two places where I put it, one is a side pocket in my purse.  The other is a small pocket in my briefcase.

            I started this talking about money and I’m coming back to the money thing.  A few days ago, I was at work and I needed that adaptor.  I double checked in that little pocket in my briefcase and it wasn’t there.  Later that day, I looked again as I was leaving work and there was a crisp, five-dollar bill in that little pocket.  I never put money there, only pencils, pens and adaptor cables.  Thanks for the fiver, but could I still have the adaptor back?

            The other thing that has disappeared is my charger cable for my computer.  It is always plugged in at a desk in my back, living room and then one day it wasn’t.  I’m still waiting for Shawheen to give it back…