Many of you may have read other posts on this site and know that my eldest son died nearly six years ago, engaging me in the opportunity of deepening my connection to the spirit world.  Prior to his death, my connection was fuzzy and I lacked confidence in my ability to connect with this otherworldly energy.  I often knew things without really knowing how I knew them, but I attributed it to empathy or coincidence.  I looked for rational explanations, unable to trust the gift.

            After he died, things began to change.  The frequency with which I found coins, experienced things disappearing and reappearing in an odd spot, or simply having things show up that hadn’t been there before got to me.  Then there was the communication with him, my deceased son.  I thought I was making it up at first, but I couldn’t interrupt myself as he did.  Gradually, I was convinced.  These aren’t coincidences, nor me making it up, these are real communications from the spirit world.  These have saved my life, or saved my sanity; these have enabled me to continue working as a psychotherapist helping others.

            Coins don’t appear as often as they did but it does happen and it happens in strings, series.  They’re more likely to happen when I am struggling with grief or stress, which I’ve had a lot of lately, while I care for a sick family member. My recent series was a penny one day, two the next, two dimes and a penny the next day, and five pennies in a stack the next day. That’s a lot of ones and twos!

            Let’s look at those first from the perspective that he’s letting me know, in a physical way that makes sense to me, that he’s there for me, supporting me through this difficult time.  Each time I find a coin, it brings me a spark of joy.  I used to just get a kick out of finding money, now it’s the joy of finding evidence that my spirit guides are there to help.  Next, I can look at the meaning in the numbers themselves.

            Numbers are the foundation of science and connect science with spirituality.  The foundation of numerology is single-digit numbers.  Each contains its own unique energy and meaning which influence who we are and what occurs in our lives.  Numbers are everywhere and seeing certain numbers repetitively can have a valuable message from our spirit guides.

            From a numerological perspective, there are meanings in numbers.

            1: one marks beginnings.  It represents newness, new beginnings, energy to break ground on new endeavors and pave a path for others to follow.  This is also the number of creation and birth of all things.  It represents newness, movement, and possibility.  It is the divine origin of the universe.

            2: This still includes the one from above, because there were two single pennies. Then we can add the meaning of 2. This number is about teamwork, the union of and peace between different beings or entities.  It can be the Divine feminine, or Sacred Mother, yin energies.  It chooses to end separateness and unite beings for the good of all.

            3: The synthesis of 1 and 2 calls on us to remember that we carry divine energy within us.  3 is a superhuman number, expanding on the exuberance of life.  This represents the spiritual being having a human experience or the intersection between our physical selves and our spiritual selves.

            4: A practical approach to life and work.  This number is dependable, representing stability in a being or situation.  It can represent advancing but in a cautious, practical manner.  It carries a wise and rational energy offering security, consistency. 4 represents using one’s head, rather than one’s heart.

            5: This is the middle number and acts as a go-between or pivotal point of change.  It represents curiosity, a need for variety, excitement in order to feel fulfilled.  It craves freedom and adventure, no goal setting or plan-making, anything that stirs things up, piques interest, motivates one to get involved.

            6: This is about family, harmony, healing.  This represents home, family, nurturing, and idealism.  A harmonious family relationship is the goal.  Someone who sees sixes is comfortable interacting with people.

            7: Seven is deep, introspective, analytical, inquisitive, private, reclusive, secret, distant, separate, and indifferent to the outside world.  Filled with secrecy, hidden mysteries, and intrigue.

            8: This is about self-confidence, inner strength, authority, social status, and ego.  It also represents wisdom, and a love for humanity, with a desire for peace.  It highlights success in business.

            9: This is about spiritual creativity, divine and universal love, natural talent, with aspects of karma. There is braveness, creativity, with a potential for emotional and dreamy outlooks.