Spirits may play pranks on us for a variety of reasons, none of which is to cause problems.  They may do things to bring us a smile, to help us laugh, or to help us learn a spiritual lesson.  A couple of weeks ago, my deceased son played a prank on his youngest sibling, now 16.  He was helping him re-acknowledge his spiritual beliefs.

            A couple of weeks ago, my 16-year-old lost his cell phone.  Most of you understand that losing your cell phone can feel like a tragedy due to cell phone dependence.  For him, it had an added element because a.) he couldn’t replace it, b.) my husband wouldn’t replace it, and c.) I was too sick with Covid to be able to replace it.

            He remembered having it at the dentist’s office and he’s a homebody so he knew he came straight home afterward.  I called the dentist-no luck there. He searched the car, including under the seats.  He searched the house, including inside and under couches, but it was nowhere to be found.  This search for the phone occurred several times, by my son, myself, and my husband.

            I decided pretty early on to check in with Shaw-heen, my deceased son, to ask him if he had taken the phone.  When a spirit “takes” a physical object, they dematerialize it, so it easily disappears for a while.  Next, it is easy in that dematerialized state, to move it to a new location, or put it right back where it was.  I got this image of my son, laughing really hard.  He gets a major kick out of these pranks.  He acknowledged having dematerialized the phone.  I asked him, “Could you please give it back?”  I got a firm, “Nope.  Not yet.”  I figured he either wanted my son to have a break from his phone or had some lesson to teach him.  At this point, I didn’t know what the lesson was.  I pointed out that if he wanted my younger son to take a break from computers, he should have dematerialized his desk computer with the video games!

            Two weeks passed with no sign of the phone.  The family struggled through Covid, interfering with any energy to replace the phone.  My teenager had to do without.  This was perfect timing, actually, as it enabled the spiritual lesson to occur.  My younger son had been convinced shortly after my older son died that there was a spirit world.    My eldest son had convinced him through a variety of events which are blogs from the 2015-2016 era.  More recently, as my youngest son grew into adolescence, he lost his faith in that spirit realm.  He began denying my examples of the spirit realm’s involvement in our lives.

            Today, my son needed to print some things at my office.  I still wasn’t feeling well, so I told him he had to drive. I can always find an excuse to give him drive time. I opened the back door to add some empty bottles to a box that held a collection for our houseless population.  Low and behold, there on the floor of the car in plain sight was his phone.  I called my son over from the driver’s side to see what I had.  He came over and I held up his phone.  “I found it right there!” I told him, pointing to the floor of the car directly inside the door where you’d have to step on it or over it to get in. “Now do you believe a ghost dematerialized your phone?”  I emphasized that I was sure he had looked in that spot at least once.  “I looked there more than once!” he told me.  He acknowledged that he believed it had been dematerialized by a ghost or spirit. This spirit was his brother.  “Your brother was teaching you a lesson, you know?  He needed to help you believe in the spirit world again!”  I hope it lasts this time.