Bobcats, bobcats, and bears, oh my!

The end of August is a difficult time of year for me.  On the 21st of August, a terrible sadness hit me, causing me to realize my deceased son’s birthday was just two days away, his death/angel day just two days following.  When I’m suffering in grief, I reach out to him, asking for signs, spirit gifts, or messages to help me through.

On the weekend, I went for a hike with a friend which boosted my spirits.  The environment was full of evergreens and other beautiful, green trees, Lingon berries, Himalayan and California blackberries.  Little birds flitted here and there.  Ravens cawed in the trees.  Turkey vultures swooped around as we reached the top of the hill.  My Belgian Malinois puppy trotted along beside us, trying to get my friend’s dog to play.

As we turned a bend at the top of the hill, I spotted a golden animal bounding down the path ahead of us and into the trees.  My first thought was, “I don’t think Knox would run that far ahead.” My next thought was, “That looks more like Mia.”  Mia was my previous Belgian Malinois, a sandy colored version, while Knox has the traditional black muzzle with black paws, tail tip, and darker contours.  The next thought, coming in rapid succession, was, “That’s a cat’s tail, a huge, bobcats!”  There were two of them and I watched them bound away in silence and grace.

When we reached the bottom of the trail and turned to head to the car, I saw a couple black bear cubs (I think), bounding across the road.  I got a photo, although it’s not a good one.  The bear is a black spec.  I hope to bring that bear closer so you can see it.

These were special sightings for me and I believe my son encouraged those animals to show themselves to me that day.

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