Weather Worker? Weather Magic? Or Spiritual Miracles related to water?

Climate Call: Action #3

I would encourage everyone to be a Weather Worker and venture to say that anyone can do it if you simply believe it.  In a previous blog, I shared my experiences reading and learning about the Japanese pseudo-scientist and researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who reported that water is very receptive to human consciousness.  He took pictures of water crystals after people had projected love and gratitude or hate.  The water molecules which had love projected upon them were beautiful, while those with hate projected upon them were ugly.  The beautiful ones were complex geometric shapes like children’s cut-out snowflakes, while the ugly ones were not geometric, looking sick, out of shape.  I won’t go into a lot of detail as you can find more in a previous post, but allow me to say, I have been practicing on the clouds for a dozen years.  My experience has taught me that they are receptive to thoughts of gratitude as well as requests.

Today, in my city, the forecast was projected to be a scorcher-97 degrees Fahrenheit.  There were heat warnings under a nearly clear blue sky with no rain in the forecast. 

Starting first thing in the morning, on my way to work, I began talking to those tiny wisps of clouds.  “Gather together with all your friends and rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!”  It has a silly tune in my head, likely from some children’s song.  “Thank you for coming and bringing your friends,” I said to the clouds while focusing on them at stoplights, “Cool the weather down now.  Keep it under 93 degrees. I know you can do it and I’m so grateful to you, just bring in your friends and rain.  Gather together, get dark and grey, and rain, rain, rain, rain, rain!”  I made this my mantra all the way to work. 

After my morning meeting, I took my dog out for a walk and repeated the ditty as a mantra on my walk, focusing on those tiny wispy clouds and asking for more.  It was early but you could feel the temperature going up.  It’s interesting to me that 66 degrees feels a lot warmer when it’s early in the day and the temperature is rising.

Later with my kids assisting me at work, one of them pointed out how cloudy it had gotten.  I walked over and looked out the window.  “Thank you for bringing your friends!” I told the clouds and encouraged them some more.

Early afternoon, I went to volunteer in the local coop grocery store.  Before going inside, I encouraged the clouds some more.  I asked them to cool the temperatures, gather together, and rain.  An hour or so later, my daughter came in and told me it was raining.  I looked at the forecast and discovered it had changed drastically.  It had dropped to 73 degrees and there was a 70 % chance of rain at 3 and a 100 % chance at 4.  And it was raining!

At the end of the day, it was raining again and the temperature never broke 90 degrees, reaching a high of 89.

You guys can help me.  All of you who are interested in practicing, just focus on the sky.  There’s always some moisture up there, even when you can’t see it.  Ask the moisture to please cool the weather down and encourage rain.  In cool seasons, we can just encourage the rain to fall. The more of us there are doing this, the more effective it will be.  Call it prayer if you believe in God, call it Spirituality, or call it Magic. Just do it!  Let’s work together to cool down Mother Earth and remoisten her soil.  Maybe we can help compensate for the damage done by governments and the super-rich, by corporations and those most greedy.

Questions or comments are welcome and encouraged.  And please share your stories of serendipity, spiritual experiences, and miracles.

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