Month: July 2017

Ascension, learn to ascend, recognize spirit message

By erica

Mid July Ascension: How do we know we are ascending spiritually? One way is to recognize miracles. Often, we call things ‘a coincidence’ as a way of explaining something we cannot otherwise explain. It is also a way of descending. It takes us further from faith, further from spirituality, and further from the sense of…

Domestic violence/spousal abuse/wife battering

By erica

Please understand this blog is not meant to substitute for therapy! I hope that anyone experiencing abuse of any kind can obtain counseling. Spousal abuse is trauma. Hopefully that isn’t news to anyone! Many people wonder why someone, usually a woman, stays in the face of abuse. Fear perhaps… But fear of what? People who…

Discern spirit message; spirit guidance

By erica

Spirit guides, loved ones who have passed on sometimes communicate in interesting ways. They do things to get our attention. They might mess with our electronics, interfere with the functioning of our computers, or create images or words in our minds. They can be very creative. For some time my guides, my son beyond the…

Spirit gifts, grief process, grief symptoms, help

By erica

When people grieve, they experience many different emotions and physical symptoms. Grief can manifest in a huge variety of ways from sadness to anger, from fatigue to agitation, from dull aches to searing pain. All of it is real and it can be confusing. When sleep is evasive, if I haven’t yet grieved in any…

Spirit describes heaven

By erica

I asked my son to tell me what heaven is like. I was bothered by all the varied descriptions I had read. In “Heaven is for real”, the very Christian boy describes golden gates, jesus in a thrown, white robes, etc. In “Proof of Heaven” Dr. Alexander talks of butterfly wings. Many NDE (Near Death…